R&D and LaboratoryAir Permeability test equipmentAir permeability tester, under specified pressure, measures  the amount of air passing through the sample surface area in m³/minute
R&D and LaboratoryConditioning cabinateIt is used for conditioning of products in desired temperature and humidity for quality control tests. Also, it is used as a conditioner for stability, aging, storage, shelf life and R&D tests
R&D and LaboratoryHot melt coaterHot melt coater is a kind of laboratory scale laminator. It provides to apply glue in different grammage on surfaces. It is especially used in R&D practices
R&D and LaboratoryViscosity testerIt is used to measure the resistance to flow of fluids at different temperatures. It is especially used for glue as a raw material control
R&D and LaboratoryXRF silicone measuring deviceThis equipment provides a quantitative determination of the amount of silicone in grams per square metre (g/m2) by using the principle of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) on silicone coated surfaces
R&D and LaboratorySoftening point test equipmetIt is used to determine the softening point of adhesives by ring&ball method. Ring&Ball test equipment consists of; mixer, 2 steel ball, ball retainer, 2 rings, glass beaker and thermometer