R & D


Standards for the hygiene industry are always challenging as markets, consumer products and trends evolve. Our priority is to serve our customers with latest technology using innovation means effectively. We are able to stay current and develop new and improved frontal tape- backsheeet-hook tape products and solutions that provide optimum value for the hygiene market.

Sareks innovation effort is supported through various collaborations between its customers, designers and manufacturing team. Through product development and design improvement, Sareks has field several patents and streamlined processes which have resulted in tailor-made products for the hygiene market.


Sareks R&D Department collaborates with Korozo product development teams, specialized in film production, lamination, in-house adhesive manifacturing and polymer fields. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the R&D team can provide product support and expertise for customer side converting of the products. Furthermore, the research and testing conducted by the departments has resulted in technological breakthroughs in product development and manufacturing processes.