SAREKS A.Ş. is dedicated to continuous improvement in quality in its activities and acts in accordance with the following principles in determining its objectives and goals:

In line with this policy, SAREKS A.Ş. commits:


Quality Control and Laboratory

Air Permeability Test Equipment

Is used to measure the amount of air passing through the sample surface area per minute m³ determined by said pressure on the sample surface in the specified area.

Conditioning Cabinet

It used in quality control tests in desired temperature and humidity conditions of products. It’s also used as conditioner for stability, ageing, conditioned storage and reservation, shelf life and R & D tests.

Hot Melt Coater

It is a laboratory scale laminator which allows the glue to be applied to the desired surface, in different weights. Especially used in R & D practices.

Viscosity Tester

It is used to measure the resistance of fluids to flow at different temperatures. It is especially used for glue as a raw material control.

Silicone Measuring  Device (XRF)

It is used in silicon coated surfaces to quantitatively measure the amount of silicon in grams per square meter using the X-ray fluorescence principle.

Softening Point Test Equipment

It is used to determine the softening point of the adhesives by ring and ball method. The Softening Point (Ring and Ball) Tester consists of a mixer, two steel balls, a ball retainer, two rings, a heat-resistant glass beaker and a thermometer.