Elastic Ear

Sareks presents Elastic Ear, a new product that will improve the diaper experience for babies. We welcome you to test our new material, and see how it helps to quality of a diaper. Elastic Ear is a highly efficient product that stretches and recovers beyond imagination. Thus, it improves the quality of end product by its excellent flexibility and fixation. Our product is suitable for use with different grades of hook tapes. Furthermore, we offer various width options.

Special Features :

  • Elastic Laminate between side tape (hook tape) and diaper.
  • Suitable for use with different type of hook tapes.
  • White colour / comfortable touch.
  • Good extensibility / good elastic recovery and high mechanical strength.

Properties :

  • Different width / weight options.
  • Favorable permanent set (< 12 %).
  • Favorable mechanical properties (CD Tensile Force > 18 N/25 mm).
  • Comfortable extensibility  (For % 50 - % 80).
  • Enabling secure connection between hook tape and diaper.

pdfTo download product TDS, please click the link.